Corrosion control in electrical enclosures

Corrosion is one of the major factors in electrical-related accidents around the world. The World Corrosion Organization estimates the global cost of corrosion at $2.5 trillion (USD) or about 3% of the GDP in most industrialized countries. Corrosion could lead to a constant need for maintenance, malfunctions, and… costly downtime.

Local and Environmental conditions can negatively affect electrical enclosures, by initiating corrosion. Excessive condensation is most often the primary contributor to the formation of corrosion within enclosures.

Corrosion and rusted electric control panels pose a major risk not only to the functionality but also to the safety of people around. The formation of corrosion can reduce electrical continuity and the lifespan of the electrical connections leading to short circuits and breakdowns.

Two-tier approach

  1. The design

The site of installation has to be incorporated at the design stage with the proper selection of material for construction and protection of enclosures. The protection of the surface is important, which constitutes powder coating as a minimum for the majority of cases. An adequate aeration system has to be included in efficient designing.

  1. Maintenance

Every effort has to be made to keep the electrical installations clean and prevent water condensation as much as possible.