CEO’s Message

Preservance, Attitude and Committment makes our first priority

Muhammad Ashraf Hanif

NESCO over the years has built a strong business foundation amid a challenging business environment. We have made strategies and implemented them in succession, based on market analysis and feedback from our valuable customers. NESCO has undergone comprehensive organizational transformation since its inception in 2003, with development of infrastructure, technology and most of all, its skilled and motivated manpower.

Together with our management and employees we’ve always remained positive and resilient towards our objectives in the most difficult and perplexed times. Our success substantiates the continual focus on providing a quality, recognized by international standards. We remain fully committed to strengthening our capabilities and to further progress the organization.

Our prime focus has always been centered at developing new products, and to innovate existing designs, making them more acceptable for our customers. We are always open to new ideas and suggestions from all our business associates. We recognize the value of everyone’s contributions.

Today, the market is shifting at an immense pace, with development of new materials, designs and standards. Sustainability is driving demand for better, cleaner and more-efficient products, which are not only more effective but also environment friendly .We have acquired and, in constant search for talented people in every department, who will be instrumental in driving our company towards success.

We will continue to work on our heritage of being competitive and to provide products and solutions to our customers, setting new standards in market. Our contribution towards sustainability and social responsibility will be reflected in all our aspects of business.

We at NESCO are committed as a team with a vision to be recognized
as the leader in the field of our expertise in manufacturing that exceeds
our customer’s satisfaction.

To achieve this goal we will provide technical information, training, tolls & skills
to each of our associate to motivate them in achieving the targets
Empowering each employee so that each and every one of us is responsible and
accountable for the fulfillment of our goal of quality beyond excellence
Best possible feedback from customers and its timely interpretation and
development of remedies will be the base line for all future developments.




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