Climate Change-Words or Actions?

Over the last decade, there has been a growing concern regarding the disastrous effects of our social and industrial processes on the environment. This is evident from the severe environmental catastrophes around the world including wildfires, glaciers melting, typhoons, and weather changes. Several individuals and local and international organizations are raising their voices against the fundamental industrial processes to reduce carbon and other emissions, The results still seem to be far-fetched as the environment continues to deteriorate every single day.

  1. Absence of proper enforcement of laws to change the processes
  2. Cheap current established technology
  3. Cost of development and implementation of new technologies
  4. Expertise in understanding new technologies

No individual company nor any government has the necessary resources and capabilities to address the ongoing challenge of climate change. The collaborative efforts are slow and lack a proper motivation to change. The majority of changes are coming from individual efforts from a handful of people.

All of the United Nations’ sustainability goals are eventually related to environmental factors directly or indirectly. The United Arab Emirates is one of the few nations that has taken sustainability initiatives as part of its development in years to come. The companies are being pursued to adopt environment-friendly technologies, with role models like MASDAR being promoted as a premier.